Berliner Tageblatt - LenioBio Appoints CTO and CCO to Spearhead Growth and Innovation

LenioBio Appoints CTO and CCO to Spearhead Growth and Innovation
LenioBio Appoints CTO and CCO to Spearhead Growth and Innovation

LenioBio Appoints CTO and CCO to Spearhead Growth and Innovation

DUSSELDORF, Germany, Feb. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- LenioBio, a life-science company offering an advanced protein expression platform for drug discovery and development, today announced the appointments of Kathrin Knauf as Chief Technology Officer and Malene Linderoth as Chief Commercial Officer.

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"I am delighted to welcome Kathrin and Malene on board," said LenioBio CEO, André Goerke. "Their extensive industry experience will be invaluable as we further scale and commercialize our groundbreaking platform technology. They will make pivotal contributions to platform robustness and scale, as well as to strong commercial growth."

To her role as Chief Technology Officer, Kathrin brings over two decades of experience from multiple technical operations and quality functions, across a broad range of pharmaceutical platforms, including mRNA technology, and vaccines. Prior to LenioBio, Kathrin served at Moderna as Vice President CMC Clinical Operations. In 2020, she established and managed the global COVID CMC Project Management Office manufacturing ramp up.

Enthused by novel technologies, Kathrin adds, "I am impressed with LenioBio's cell-free technology, ALiCE®, and I believe it has game-changing potential. I am very excited to play a role in its commercialization, working alongside a talented team."

Malene also believes LenioBio's unique technology is poised to revolutionize drug discovery and development, adding, "While its current capabilities are compelling, the prospect of ALiCE®'s future potential to accelerate advancements in medicine across a spectrum of diseases is truly exciting. I had to be part of this, and I feel honored to contribute to the expansion of the market for this essential innovation."

In her capacity as Chief Commercial Officer, Malene will lead the company's commercial operations, drawing from her wealth of experience in strategic brand management, marketing and new business development. Prior to LenioBio, she served for more than 20 years in various strategic commercial and leadership roles in multinational organizations and startups, including GE Healthcare and Sysmex.


About LenioBio
LenioBio is a life-science biotechnology firm dedicated to enhancing global access to effective and affordable medicines. It advances transformative technology for the discovery, development, and large-scale production of proteins, liberating the process from conventional limitations of cells. Pioneered by LenioBio, ALiCE® is an innovative eukaryotic protein expression platform that empowers scientists globally to accelerate the discovery and development of life-saving drugs. For more information, visit and follow LenioBio on LinkedIn.


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