Berliner Tageblatt - Nord Anglia Education launches international metacognition research with Boston College

Nord Anglia Education launches international metacognition research with Boston College
Nord Anglia Education launches international metacognition research with Boston College

Nord Anglia Education launches international metacognition research with Boston College

New research to examine how metacognitive skills support students' learning.

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LONDON, Feb. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading international schools group Nord Anglia Education today announced the official launch of its 'Metacognition Research Project' in partnership with the Lynch School of Education and Human Development at Boston College.  

As part of a response to the rapidly changing nature of education, Nord Anglia is pioneering a research-informed, innovative approach to metacognition in the classroom that deepens students' self-awareness of their own thinking processes and the learning strategies they can use to achieve success.

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, it is more important than ever to strengthen the capacity of human intelligence. Metacognition is often referred to as the process of 'thinking about thinking' and research literature indicates that having better metacognitive skills helps students to learn and retain more.

Nord Anglia aims to unlock students' metacognitive potential through a research-based, systematic approach across its global network. Currently being piloted across 27 Nord Anglia schools around the world, the research is a joint undertaking between Nord Anglia and Boston College.

Specifically, it will explore the development of students' metacognitive abilities over a two-year period, looking at the links between metacognition and academic achievement, student wellbeing, and skill development in areas such as creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.

The project will allow Nord Anglia to systematically model and apply these concepts through authentic classroom experiences and to capture student understanding and growth through their reflection of their learning.

There are four key areas to the research:

  • Defining how progress in metacognitive skills can be assessed and evidenced.
  • Identifying how student growth in 21st century skills such as creativity and compassion can be measured and visualised.
  • Examining the relationship between the growth of each aspect of metacognition with academic outcomes and student wellbeing.
  • Equipping teachers with the professional expertise to develop metacognitive cultures of thinking in schools.

Dr Elise Ecoff, Chief Education Officer of Nord Anglia Education, said: "The Metacognition Project is a leap forward in our quest to deepen our understanding of teaching and learning best practice. By partnering with Boston College, we're not just talking about theoretical ideas; we're implementing practical strategies that we hope will have a real impact on students' learning outcomes across the globe. The project is a milestone in our journey to enhance education by focusing on how students think about their learning, promising to bring about meaningful improvements in educational practices worldwide."

As a partnership between Nord Anglia and Boston College, the project is being led by both Dr Kate Erricker, Assistant Director of Curriculum at Nord Anglia Education and Dr Damian Bebell, Assistant Research Professor at Boston College.

Dr Kate Erricker said: "This cutting-edge research project is about unlocking students' full potential, helping them become experts at understanding their own thinking processes and deepening their own learning. This project is pioneering the way we approach education, and we can't wait to see the growth it brings to our students in schools."

Dr Damian Bebell said: "We're proud to be partnering with Nord Anglia Education on one of the world's first major studies of metacognition and skill development. This collaboration builds on Boston College's legacy of cutting-edge educational research, and we're excited by how this study and its results can inform sector-wide practice and policy."

Nord Anglia will continue to give updates on the progress of the research and intends to share findings publicly on completion of the project, with an aim to contribute to the wider global dialogue and research on metacognition.

The 27 Nord Anglia schools taking part in the research include the following:

North America

Latin America



Southeast Asia

The Middle East


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