Berliner Tageblatt - Volpara to Highlight Growing AI Suite for Mammography at ECR 2024, Including New Lunit Distribution Agreement

Volpara to Highlight Growing AI Suite for Mammography at ECR 2024, Including New Lunit Distribution Agreement
Volpara to Highlight Growing AI Suite for Mammography at ECR 2024, Including New Lunit Distribution Agreement

Volpara to Highlight Growing AI Suite for Mammography at ECR 2024, Including New Lunit Distribution Agreement

Volpara technology to be featured in scientific and AI Theatre sessions

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WELLINGTON, New Zealand, Feb. 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Volpara Health Technologies Ltd. (ASX: VHT), a global leader in software for the early detection and prevention of cancer, announced a distribution agreement to resell Lunit's AI solutions for mammography. Lunit's AI-powered Lunit INSIGHT for early detection of breast cancer will be featured as part of the company's expanded software suite at the 2024 European Congress of Radiology (ECR). The suite also includes tools for assessing breast density, evaluating cancer risk, and ensuring mammography quality.

Volpara and Lunit® commenced negotiating this distribution agreement prior to entering into a Scheme Implementation Agreement on 14 December 2023 (SIA). This distribution agreement is important to Volpara's ongoing business regardless of whether Lunit acquires Volpara as contemplated in the SIA and allows Volpara to sell Lunit's products immediately.

"Improving cancer detection rates and alleviating the pressure on radiologist workload cannot wait," said Teri Thomas, Volpara CEO. "Lunit INSIGHT is significantly enhancing mammography screenings around the world, like Capio S:t Göran Hospital in Sweden, where it replaces one human reader in Europe's double reading setting. Lunit INSIGHT complements Volpara's software suite perfectly, and we're eager to get this essential tool in the hands of more radiologists."

"The collaboration between Volpara and Lunit marks a significant milestone in the evolution of mammography solutions," said Brandon Suh, CEO of Lunit. "By combining Volpara's advanced tools with Lunit's AI solution into one software suite, we are creating a holistic and transformative mammography journey. This synergistic partnership aims to redefine the standards of breast health, providing healthcare professionals with comprehensive assistance to enhance accuracy and efficiency, and ultimately improve patient outcomes."

New studies highlight use of Volpara algorithms

Volpara's robust algorithms have firmly established the company as a trusted research partner and industry leader. Volpara technology has played a role in many European personalised screening and optimisation studies, such as the DENSE, TOMMY, To-Be trials, PROCAS I/II, and KARMA studies.

Volpara's technology continues to be the gold standard for cutting edge research globally. For example, a recent study published in European Radiology, titled "Diagnostic performance of 3D automated breast ultrasound (3D-ABUS) in a clinical screening setting—a retrospective study," showcases the effectiveness of using Volpara volumetric breast density software to identify women appropriate for supplemental 3D-ABUS imaging. This study retrospectively analysed the use of digital breast tomosynthesis and 3D-ABUS from 2014 to 2022 to screen 1,555 women, of whom 96% were identified as having dense breast tissue (category C or D) using Volpara® Scorecard™. The study found malignancies in 2.4% of the screened women, with 27% of these cancers detected exclusively by 3D-ABUS. The cancer detection rate was 2.77 per 1,000 screenings. The authors concluded that the diagnostic performance of 3D-ABUS in a real-world clinical setting matches that of previously published prospective studies, noting particularly the improved rates of recall and biopsy.

Studies featuring Volpara technology to be presented during ECR 2024 include:

  • "Digital breast tomosynthesis with advanced reading methods for the Dutch national breast cancer screening program (STREAM): design and rationale of a prospective non-randomised screening trial," van den Oever, L. B.; Kregting, L.; Sechopoulos, I.; Broeders, M.
  • "Improving mammography screening performance by ordering mammograms," Gommers, J.; Verboom, S.; Webster, M.; Abbey, C.; Broeders, M.; Sechopoulos, I.
  • "Comparison of three AI breast density tools with a human reader," Payne, N.R.; Marziali, S.; Black, R.; Hickman, S.E.; Gilbert, F.J.
  • "Validation of deep-learning based method for mammographic breast compression pressure measurement," Wang, K.; Letts, R. F.; Hill, M. L.

"The wider adoption of AI into more national screening programmes hinges on solid research that showcases its benefits in enhancing outcomes or boosting operational efficiencies," said Melissa Hill, Senior Imaging Scientist and Global Research Lead at Volpara Health. "Clinicians can be confident in the scientific rigour and validation of Volpara's algorithms, and the company's commitment to empowering European healthcare providers."

Volpara will also be presenting "Trustworthy AI for personalised breast cancer screening" in ECR's AI Theatre on Wednesday, February 28 at 16:15. Volpara's suite of software will be on display in Booth #AI-21a.

About Volpara Health (ASX: VHT)

Volpara Health makes software to save families from cancer. Healthcare providers use Volpara to better understand cancer risk, empower patients in personal care decisions, and guide recommendations about additional imaging, genetic testing, and other interventions. Our AI-powered image analysis enables radiologists to quantify breast tissue with precision and helps technologists produce mammograms with optimal image quality, positioning, compression, and dose. In an industry facing increasing staffing shortages, our software streamlines operations and provides key performance insights that support continuous quality improvement.

Volpara is the preferred partner of leading healthcare institutions around the world. Our software is used in over 2,000 facilities by more than 5,600 technologists, impacting over 17 million patients globally. It helps providers conduct more than three million cancer risk assessments each year and can be deployed stand-alone or fully integrated with electronic health record systems, mammography reporting systems, imaging hardware, and genetic laboratories. Volpara holds the most rigorous security certifications and numerous patents and regulatory registrations, including FDA clearance and CE marking. Since listing on the ASX in April 2016, the Company has raised A$132 million. With an office in Seattle, Volpara is based in Wellington, New Zealand. 

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