Berliner Tageblatt - Warriors confirm Curry won't return before NBA playoffs

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Warriors confirm Curry won't return before NBA playoffs
Warriors confirm Curry won't return before NBA playoffs / Photo: ©

Warriors confirm Curry won't return before NBA playoffs

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, sidelined by a sprained ligament in his left foot, won't return to action before the playoffs, the NBA team said Friday.

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In a statement posted on the team Twitter feed, the Warriors said Curry was making "good progress" in his recovery but wouldn't play again in the regular season, which concludes on April 10.

"Stephen will gradually begin individual on-court activities next week, and his eventual return to practice will be based on his continued progress," the Warriors said. "Our next update on his status will be provided on April 11."

Warriors coach Steve Kerr told reporters the news was not a surprise.

"We were hoping maybe he'd play one or two games at the end of the regular season," Kerr said. "But that was always a long shot."

Curry hasn't played since he was hurt in a March 16 game against the Boston Celtics, when he was rolled on by Boston's Marcus Smart as they chased a loose ball.

Curry, the NBA's all-time leader in three-point shots, was averaging 25.5 points per game and the Warriors are 1-6 since he's been sidelined.

Although players including Jordan Poole have stepped up their offensive output, no one has filled the void left by Curry.

The Warriors are currently fourth in the Western Conference and have yet to officially clinch their playoff berth, although the could find themselves in on Friday if the Minnesota Timberwolves lose to the Denver Nuggets.

Kerr said Curry remains a key contributor to the playoff push.

"You can see him during practice, pulling guys aside, talking to them," Kerr said. "He understands his value as a leader as well as an All-Star Player."

And Kerr said he has no concerns that Curry will need time to ramp up when does return.

"All it takes is one shot and he's back in rhythm," Kerr said.